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Ed Block

Community Flood Recovery Project
Gays Mills, WI

Hi Bert,
I want to thank you personally for all your work here. Yesterday, I ran a meeting, as I've been doing more and more since you were here. I was praised for my efficiency and effectiveness. I explained that I learned many of the techniques, and subsequently the confidence that goes with application of same, from you.

I keep meetings regularly scheduled, we start on time, we use the "round" technique, and we watch the clock as appropriate and so on.

I think that because of all the time and energy you and Linda put in here are what helped us get where we are. By the end of this summer, I expect the new area will be up and running and the old area will be a clean slate for its future makeover.

I hope you guys are well. If you're ever in town, particularly on a Tuesday, I can treat you to a fresh made hot soup at the co-op.
Be well and happy

Kathy Wellsandt

Executive Director
Rice Lake Main Street Assoc.

Hi Bert,

It was great to see you again.   Your topic was very timely for me as I find myself surrounded by more and more negative people via work, as well as friends and family.

About a week ago I talked with a gal that had attended the New Richmond retreat 20 years ago, where she and I met.  It was refreshing to compare notes with her as we have not stayed in touch.  She continues to be a very positive and giving person.  That chance conversation followed by your presentation made me realize that I need to change course to bring more positive energy into my life.

Thanks again for reinforcing the value of meditation and framing life with positives!

Best regards,

Jo Anne Ehasz

Lafayette County Economic Development Corp.
Re: Blanchardville, WI


Here’s the latest copy of the Argyle/Blanchardville paper. Thought you might like to see some of the fruits of your labors. I’ve seen such a change of attitude and ‘can-do’ feelings since you started coaching nearly 2 years ago.

I want to thank you for devoting so much of your time to BCPI. And thanks for all that I’ve learned too.

Melody Harris

Owner: A Spark of Life Landscape Design
Re: Antigo, WI

Dear Bert,

I don't know if you remember me or not but, a couple of lifetimes ago, I was involved in the Antigo Wisconsin’s BID process for Main Street Program. A lot has happened to me in the intervening years; I moved to a new state, and started a new business recently.

I was recalling today how much impact your retreat had on me and with all of us involved in the Main Street program. I personally took away many valuable tools that I continue to utilize in my business and the community organizations that I have been involved with. I used what you taught us to help create and conduct effective meetings for the Florida State University's Museum of Fine Arts Artist's League. A volunteer group of community artists in the Tallahassee, Florida area. I also used the skills you taught us to organize a group of volunteers in creating "Paint the Town", a city wide event  where artists displayed the creation process of their craft on street corners and other public places to raise awareness and appreciation of the arts. We also conducted an art show from the collection of this event that was displayed at the Florida State Capitol building.

Today I own a landscape design and installation business that keeps me hopping here in northwest Florida. I wanted to write and thank you as part of my success today is owed to the way you challenged me to look at life, community and our future. I "googled" your name to night and spent a few minutes studying your website. I'm really impressed with the direction you've gone and the ideas of healing communities and speaking to people's hearts as well as their minds. (and pocketbooks :) )

I hope you are doing well and I wish you continued success and thank you again. You were a part of a "spiritual awakening"  for me and you challenged me to look farther than my own back door. Take care and I'd love to hear from you sometime.

Todd Trimberger

Executive Director
Sturegeon Bay, Wi Visitor Center
Re: Wisconsin Department of Commerc
Downtown Mangers Workshop June, 2009


Thank you for a wonderful presentation in Rhinelander. I wish you would have presented all day. Your thoughts and comments were thought provoking and inspiring.